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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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shear is shia cleric among 47 skooutdz by saudi arabia for terror offenses.
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>> you are waving al jazeera live from london. coming up in this program, india is on alert after fighters kill at least two solids at an air base near the border with pakistan. more destruction expected in the u.s. where levies are failing to hold back a relentless deluge. a farmer among the turks feeling the bite as russias's sanctions take effect. saudi arabia is being defending its decision to execute 47 men. among them, a leading shia cleric and a prominent preacher both convicted of terrorism charges. the reaction in just a moment. first rob mathson's report on the men's death did. >> reporter: these are some of the 47 men executed in saudi arabia. they have been convicted of plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks targeting civilians and security forces. they included this man, a prominent shia cleric, a central figure during protests in saudi arabia which intensified in 2011. also tarkento a preacher. saudi arabia says they received a fair trial. >> the judiciary is objective and we deal objectively with the
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cases on merit. there is no difference between what a person does regardless of his ethnic origin or affiliation or what he believes. we deal with facts and criminal intent. >> last year, a special court in riyadh sentenced him for death, sedition and bearing arms. he did not deny the political charges against him but said he never carried weapons or called for violence. saudi arabia voted to stomp out terrorism after 15 were killed in a suicide bombing in august. many of the others such as al-qaeda appreciator zarani had been linked for attacks in 2003 and 'six said to have been carried out by al-qaeda. >> there is no difference between any as long as it's reckoning people, it will take care of it and deal with it swiftly. the shia source of terror or
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sunni source of terror. >> in october, iran warned of dire consequences if he was killed. >> warning was repeated when news of his death was released. iranian government leaders say the saudis will pay a high price. >> iran will definitely try to utilize this by igniting the soft spots in the region, particularly in ckuwait and ba bahrain. more may be on the way. 2200 vases still to be heard in saudi arabian courts. rob mathson, al jazeera. >> here people in the katif district marching to show their objections to the execution. and they have bere have been
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demonstrations in some parts of bahrain, usings tear gas to it disperse the clouds. there is diplomat i can fall out between awed e arabia and iran. iran saying, as we heard, the saudis will pay a high price for what happened and summoning the country's diplomatic envoy. the saudis have summoned the am bass tore to riyadh describing the response as hostile. the u.s. said it reand its call to respect and protect human rights and permit the peaceful expression of dissent. on saturday, the saudi-led coalition battling iranian backed rebels in yemen announced the end of a cease-fire as gerald tan reports. the truce had been violated every day since it was declared last month. no let-up in fighting. yes, ma'amn's pro-government forces attacked to strengthen their give on it.
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iaz, the city besieged by houthi rebels and fighters loyal to the former president, the daily violence left civilians helpless. many have run out of food and the u.n.'s world food program says its unable reach those in need. the battle lines across yemen continue to shift as both sides try to hold on to and expand their territory. here in the province, members of the popular resistance it welcome a victory. they have managed to drive out houthi and pro-salif fighters after escaping months ago, residents are slowly returning. >> the markets are now open and public services are being restored. >> yet the fear of new attacks is stopping many yemenizes from going home. some prefer to remain in camps in the desert.
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this is aljar. the camp lacks basic services. krirn are deprived of classroom less options but at least it's safer. >> i want to go back home to return to school to study, but many farms have dried up, and many schools have been destroyed. >> since the houthis overran the capital city in late 2014, life has been disrupted in every way. so many have lost homes, livelihoods and a stable means of finding food. yemen was already one of the world's poorest nations before this conflict began. war has made things worse. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> a besiege in youth groups forming a human chain. we will see that now. to put pressure they hope on the u.n. to help their city. demonstrators calling for the world body to intervene. so, the siege by houthi rebels can be lifted and they want help against what they are calling a genocide against civilians.
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>> in india, two soldiers have been killed during an attack on an air force base. 45 facility and pathon is about 50 kilometers from the border with pakistan. on the main road linking rest of indian india to indian administered kasmir. home to some of the russian made fleet of fighter jets and mi-35 attack helicopters. faz jamil reports. >> reporter: the con frantation began around 3:30, when several men arrived in an official vehicle carrying guns and explosives. police kardoned off the base as gunmen were encountered. a gun battle lasted several hours, all .4 gunmen were killed. security forces began searching for more members of the group. the area was already on alert after a senior police officer it was briefly abducted earlier this week. >> after a police officer's car
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was hijacked yesterday and today's attack, a red alert has been issued across pinjab. we have bear indicated the roads are -- bear indicated the road -- barricaded the road. in jal last year, three men were killed after they stormed the police station. in this latest attack, indian officials believe the gunmen are members of a known armed group based inside pakistan. the indian government's response is cautious and firm. >> pakistan is our neighbor. we want peaceful relations. we want peace but any militant attack will get a befitting response from india. >> security agencies have been onstan since the prime minister made a surprise christmas someday visit to pakistan seen as a huge diplomatic oberture. analysts say pakistan must take
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some responsibility for the attacks. >> they cannot abdicate and say these are forces which are not under our control, meaning no state can abdicate from actions of its own citizens whether they are non-state or otherwise. >> talks between indian and pakistan officers are expected later this month. scheduled talks have been called off following previous attacks. there is no word yet if that will happen in this case. faz jack ill, al jazeera, new delhi. >>ition ill has said it will not give up the iraqi city of ramadi without a fit. well, now, another 15 government troops have been killed in the city center. >> that's after the deaths of at least 60 soldiers and allied tribesnen recent days. more from caroline malone. >> reporter: the iraqi army has been celebrating in retaking ramadi but it looks like their
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fight isn't over. ney nearly a week after control. iraqi troops are suffering new setbacks with multiple coordinated attacks by isil on various army positions around the city. in a recently released isil video, one of their fighters says they are still battling the army in the center of ramadi. these pictures appear to show the anbar police headquarters in the city of the city. al jazeera's is being told there was angisil suicide car bomb attack and, and intense she will ling near a government compound in the city. isil fighters are still in control of buildings nearby. isil used another 10 suicide bombers in attacks on the army north of the city destroying army vehicles and taking control of the division headquarters. the army has made big advances around ram add i -- ramadi in
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recent weeks. isil fighters are accused of using people as human shields. >> may god punish them. they shot people in the head who refused to go with them. bodies are still there. you can go and see them. retaking ramadi was the first big victory since isil seized right arm in 2014. it seems the army is battling for control of the city center and wider area and remain under threat from boobby traps and bossp bombs left by isil fighters. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> the number of british soldiers who served during the iraq war may face prosecution for war crimes. that's according to the head of an investigation into alleged cases of murder of, abuse and torture. paul brennan is our reporter. >> reporter: the british soldier filmed here abusing iraqi prisonsers was jailed but 7
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years after the end of uk combat operations, many other allegations abuse and murder by british soldiers remain unresolved and unpunished. the severity of the allegations, i had chief mark warrick told the independent newspaper, i feel there is significant evidence to be obtained to put a strong case before the service prosecuting authority to prosecute and charge. he went on: at the appropriate time, it will be a matter are for us to discuss whether they meet the war crimes threshold. there are certainly serious allegations currently being investigated ted has a case load of more than 1500 alleged victims including 280 said to have been unlawfully killed the former commander believes they need more support. >> there needs to be a more
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expe serious ferreting out. >> they believe war crimes are taking so long to investigate. >> they are only actually investigating 45 of those cases. so statistically, it doesn't look like they are actually being very effective and we do have lots of concerns about how effective they can be in these circumstances. >> although the death of bahamusa revealed systematic abuse by british soldiers, only one soldier was jailed in connection to ill-treatment. the public inquiry into 2004 allegations that brute issue troops murdered iraqis in detension concluded the claims were wholly without foundation. >> the british ministry of defense issued only a statement saying the vast majority of u.k. service personnel deployed on military operations conduct themselves professionally and in accordance with the law. the mod takes all allegations of abuse or naufrl killing extremely seriously yet the
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number of legal cases continues to grow. ability to deal with them is starting to look questionable. one clear inference is that the complexity and shear number of cases he is looking at risk overwhelming his team. that's bad news for the ministry of defense in london. the mod set up ihat in part to prevent the international criminal courto from looking at the abuse allegations. if ihat fails, the icc is on standby and we could see british soldiers facing trial in the hague. paul brennan, al jazeera,london. after this short break here on al jazeera, senegal stepping up security in its border with mali following an attack on a major hotel last year. the cramping creativity, the copy right law hindering the music scene.
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david foster here saudi arabia has executed 47 people on terrorism charges including this prominent shia cleric. al-qaeda. iranian news agency saysness tehran are dispersing protestors from inside the embassy in tehran. independently v we can't can independently verify this. but they have been posted on
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twitter. >> 50 kilometers from the border with pakistan. suicide bombers killed at least three people in somalia's capitol. police say the attacker hid his explosive vest under a business suit and set it off at the national theatre. move to the west coast now of africa and countries there coming increasingly worried about the mover of fighters backwards and forwards over their borders. several measures which he said will protect citizens. some people believe he is going too far. nicholas heart reports on the border. >> on the border with mali, two roads linking the countries. this one is used by truck drivers carrying goods for the capital. migrants trying to reach roche
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traveled through here, too. security agencies feared the root is used by armed groups planning attacks in the region. we can't show you the border post because the guards mounting it don't want us to film. they feel it could compromise their safety. such is the level of concern. west africans can normally travel freely throughout the region. it's now a long wait to cross the border. security controls are tighter. some have been here for hours. others have been waiting for days to get into mali. i stetake this road all the tim now, there are so many checks, this is slowing down our business. i have never seen anything like this. increased security checks were introduced after an attack on the radisson hotel in bamaco in november. 22 people died when gunmen stormed the hotel prompting the president to suggest reinstating border controls throughout west africa. he is proposing a law banning
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the full burka. chad, nje hasn't have banned them. the suggested measures haven't made it to parliament yet. there are a source of heated debate. islam plays a key role in this country. so do economic ties. the president says these measures are necessary because the threats of attacks are real police recently made several arrests including the i mam of this school. he is accused of having ties with boko haram. they accuse the government of attempting to destroy islam. somethinglarism and republican laws. they are making a big mistake. as muss let me see, we do not accept the law of the state.
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so far presented any attacks, the government said it will take whatever steps necessary to protect its citizens. even if it causes inconvenience for some at the senegal/mali border. >> if the central african president given a narrow lead to former prime minister akanj akanja tudera. the market election says it is a rerun of the vote in some areas where ballot papers failed to turn occupy sometime. years of violence between christians and muslims in which thousands of people have died. there is hope that the number of rhinos being poached in south africa may have fallen for the first time in seven years. an anti-poaching website says in 2015, there were about 1,160 reported cases of rhino poaching down by more than 50 from the
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year before. there are conservationists, however, who say this figure appears unrealistic. it does not include carbass from kills made last year that have still yet to be discovered. the new year has begun with a resolution from the united nations aiming to improve the lives they hope of millions of children. more than half of all children who aren't en rolled in school live in sub s aharan africa. the new sustainable development goals wants to change that. here is nigeria where millions of children don't get any education. >> this man struggles to keep his 7 children in school because of continued strikes and poor facilities. he cannot afford private tutors. he makes time to help them with extra lessons and homework. that is taking a lot of his time and energy.
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>> having money, i would take them to a private school. sarah sent her two children though private school. as a working mother, it is convenient. >> i can take care of my business. i can go around, you know, knowing fully well that okay the school is taking care of my child. with respecter learning facilities as they grow up. something private schools are providing as long as parents are willing to pay. >> children comes from the preschool before entering their primary area children. they get help in writing, reading before they enter the basic school. the united nations wants to close this gap by ensuring the children all over the world have access to quality, early stage child care and preschool education. the new sustainable goals.
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the shortage of school facilities and investment, that will be difficult. in nigeria, there are more than 11 million kids out of school. >> most preschool education is run by private institutions in nigeria. a regional government already struggle to go pay teachers have little or no interest in running it. >> i really think that governments should be doing less, not more than whatever the private sector can do. the government should encourage them to do. >> children will continue to have age edge over the poor widening a huge gap between the haves and the have-nots in sub s aharan africa. al jazeera, central nigeria. >> police in northern israel have carried out raids on a home of a man suspected of shooting dead two people in tel aviv. officers searching for a man who allegedly opened fire outside of a bar on friday, at least eight
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people were wounded as well in that attack. low paid workers in the united states are will to get a pay raise after years of protests and a national debate about how much people need to earn to stay above poverty lien. here is kristen saloomey. >> terrell wares lives with his parents and has food assistance even though he held a down a job at mcdonald's. his pay is going up to $10 and $0. $0.50 thanks to on that nationwide campaign to raise the minimum wage. >> we got fed up and organizer came to talk to me for the fifa team and said enough is enough, don't you think? i said, yeah. >> new york fast wood workers backed by labor unions started a fight for $15 an hour two years ago. they walked off of the job in protests. some were arrested. others from home health workers
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to college professors joined campaign. highlighting the struggles of all low wage earners. they have convinced the cities of seattle, san francisco, los angeles, and new york to adopt afoot $15 minimum wage over time. the smaller minimum wage increases taking effect in 13 states this year. businesses have argued a higher minimum wage will force them to cut jobs. >> mcdonald's is the world's largest fast food hamburger restaurant, one of the most successful and recognizable global brands and yet economists say that corporate profits are for worker have been rising much faster than workers' wages. >> according to one study, more than half of all fast food workers require some form of public assistance to get by. >> what that indicates is that taxpayers through the public benefit programs are basically subsidizing the low wage cost model, low wage model of
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operating a business. >> durrell says he is happy to have more money to spend in 2016 even though it will take two more years to reach $15 an hour. >> if you work a full-time job, you should have a full-time wage, period. he is vowing to continue the fight until all reach it nationwide. al jazeera new york. >> there are musicians who say an old copy right law is hindering the rise of their country's sound which they believe fuses the country together. some of the country struggling artits who talk about the challenge they face. >> the sound wide lee acclaimed singer recently won top orders at a calypso competition but neither the writer or the singer is reaping benefits.
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a copy right law is said to be preventing artists from profiting from efforts. it becomes difficult for your creativity and that of your artist to blossom. >> the laws on the books are also said to have resulted in a perfect breeding ground for piracy. piracy is so rampant here blast music in georgetown. >> part of the problem automatically. it's not a matter of choice. if you had to choose, a right and wrong, i think most would go for the right. if the system is such that it's the norm. >> it's a situation that's said to be preventing local talent from emerging. >> an original cd by a local artist costs 5 times more than a copy of a world renown artist. in a market this small, this
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price difference means they stand no chance of suck siding in their country. bootleggers aren't the only ones to blame for the malaise. a finger is being pointed at politicians. create momentum for change. the political director. ♪ everything, every night thoughts of you ♪ >> reporter: that state of affairs leads musicians to be very discouraged? >>ism sometimes we should be better off because, you know, we have performed for so long an getting recognition and people hold you at a high place but yet you don't get the money that you deserve or whatever it is for you work that you do. >> elsewhere in the caribbean, music is important in a since of national identity. a simple change in a copy right law herein just mean the same
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could happen in ghiana. georgetown. our website for all of the head light stories and background stories, too. warming temperatures are warming ice at historic rates... adding to its distress, man's unquenchable desire for fossil fuel. the quest to retrieve arctic oil is underway, but how prepared is the world to handle a catastrophic spill.


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